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Monday, June 11, 2012

Third Eye Chakra ~ Ajna

6th Chakra ~ Third Eye

The third-eye chakra is located in the center of the head between your eyebrows. This chakra is related to our ability to perceive clearly and have intuition, insight, and imagination.

Color: Indigo
Sanskrit: Ajna
Sanskrit Translation: Perception, Command Center
Location: Center of the head between the eyebrows
Element: Light
Symbol: Star of David
Petals: 2     
Power: Intuition, Imagination, Visualization, Light, Color
Function: Seeing, Intuition, Clairvoyance
Action: Imagine, Intuit, Visualize
Rights: To See    
Meditation: I SEE ~ "I See the very best in myself." “I trust my intuitive wisdom and inner guidance.”
Musical Note: A
Bija Mantra: Om 
Vowel Sound: Mmmmmm    
Sense: Sixth Sense
Food: Entheogens
Scents: Acacia, Aniseed, Jasmine, Mint, Mugwort, Saffron, Star Anise, Vanilla
Gemstones: Quartz, Lapis lazuli, Star Sapphire, Sodalite
Metal: Silver
Planets: Neptune, Moon, Sun
Astrological Sign: Pisces, Cancer, Leo
Animals: Owl, Hawk
Relationship Style: Complete Union
Balanced: Intuition, Awareness, Wisdom, Clear Sight, Concentration
Imbalancesd Passive Aggressive, Not Present, Flighty, Preoccupied, Nightmares
Endocrine Gland: Pineal Gland
Related Body Parts: Eyes, Temples, Forehead, Base of Skull, Brow
Physical Symptoms: Headaches, Vision Problems, Blindness, Eyestrain, Blurred Vision, Lack of Concentration, Forgetfulness, Blindness, Nightmares
Best Therapy: Meditation, Color Therapy, Watercoloring, Yoga, Tai Chi, Qi Gong
Daily Exercise: Rub hands together vigorously, then place palms over your eyes, visualize the colors of the Chakras one by one.
Goddesses: Athena, Shakti Hakini, Hekate, Iris, Isis, Tara, Themis
Gods: Apollo, Belenus, Krishna, Morpheus, Paramashiva
Yoga Style: Yantra Yoga
Yoga Poses: Headstand, Corpse, Alternative Nostril Breathing
Nature Experience: Nighttime Sky, White Lightening

Third Eye Chakra meditation:

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